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There are numerous evidences of existence of the Madrid since prehistoric period. These evidences are found during excavations in form of axes and small Palaeolithic objects, remains of animals that prove the existence of large mammals, Neolithic ceramics, etc. Such witnesses of history of Madrid can be seen at the National Archaeological Museum.

There is no documented chronicles regarding Madrid history till the late 10th century then the name of Moors comes who occupied fort or castle where the Royal palace stands today. This is the area where the borough of Madrid developed in the following centuries. Moors remained the ruler until it was conquered in 1085 by Alfonso VI.

Madrid got the title of “Very Noble and Loyal” by Enrique VI during his wedding with Doña Juana of Portugal. After the death of the king, two distinct bands formed within the Castille kingdom. Madrid was gone through various ups & down till 18th century when significant changes appeared. The Alcazar or old Moorish Castle was destroyed by fire in 1734. But, this site was developed in this period as the royal palace which is also known as the Eastern Palace - Palacio de Oriente. The reign of Carlos III (1759 - 1788) also greatly helped to improve the appearance of the city.

Buenavista Palace is another landmark of the Madrid. Today it is known as the mansion of ministry of armed forces. It was constructed during the reign of Carlos IV. Some other notable mansions are the Dukes of Liria in Princesa Street and that of the Count of Altamira in Calle de la Flor.

War of independence started in the Puerta del Sol on the 2nd of May 1808 and there are several spots in Madrid which became the witness of this patriotic disturbance. Year 1835 has great significant in the history of Madrid as the famous University of Alcalá de Henares was transferred here and the most important fact is the addition of science faculty just after the establishment in the Madrid. The revolutionary gas lighting system in Madrid was inaugurated in the year 1857.

Thus, Madrid history strongly supports the present position of the city as the most beautiful capital cities in the Europe. The city aesthetically holds its intense animated spirit and its suitable mix of modern and classical appearance.

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